About Us

Have you ever thought about doing a triathlon but didn't know where to start? The answer could be in your own backyard.

  • Need work in the pool?
  • Want to become stronger on the bike?
  • Not really a runner?
  • Don't want to workout with a bunch of crazy, elite athletes?
Don't worry, we are not a team of crazy, elite athletes. We've all struggled (or continue to struggle) in one or more aspects of triathlon, but we continue to work on our weak points to get better. One of the best things about Lodi Masters Triathletes is that we are more than just a club. We offer actual training throughout the year to help you reach your goals. 

Quite a few people have told me that they would like to do a triathlon but that they can't swim...don't worry, we've got two coaches that will get you from floundering-fish to Phelps in no time!