Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bike Clinic featuring Williams Cycling - Recap

Yesterday was the team's 4th Triathlon 101 bike clinic and it was a tremendous success!

Spring 2014 Bike Clinic

They say that practice makes perfect and that was certainly evident at yesterday's clinic.  Williams Cycling of Stockton was gracious enough to send Josh Geiszler to go over bike maintenance and most importantly how to repair a flat.

Impressive set up
Not only did Josh bring an impressive collection of tools but he also brought several sets of Williams carbon fiber wheels as well as their beautiful and extremely light Aeros Genesis carbon fiber road bike.

Please, no drooling on the bike
On top of all the great info and tips, we also got some very cool Williams swag to wear.  We can't say "Thank you Williams Cycling" enough!!!

Group ride across town. 
After the maintenance portion of the clinic, it was time to hit the road. Along the way, Coach James covered important topics such as rules of the road and how to ride in a group. The group rode to the Grape Bowl to practice bike handling skills (including how to fall).

Watching people fall is more fun than actually falling...

Drills on grass make falling less painful ;-)

Coach James demonstrating handling skills
If you liked James' Williams Cycling kit, you can order your own from the Williams website...