Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rewarding Experiences

Surviving the Swim in your first Tri race is a daunting task,  (I have been there)  I was not a gifted athlete when I started doing Tri's.  I was not a Collegiate swimmer, I didn't run on the Cross Country Team. Only thing I had going for me was that I had the knowledge to organize things. And I surrounded myself with the best Coaches I could find
Swimming is a Jigsaw puzzle for most. The only way you can learn is to Break down the elements and then put them together at the end. Today was such a day. And, my athletes were tired after doing drills for almost an hour. But, it was really something to see the improvements that were made in such a short period of time!! I was one proud Hombre when they swam their last 50 this morning
I enjoy teaching so much I often wonder if I would not have grown up on a Dairy and then the Grape Ranch where I would have ended up? Racing Tri's is fun but watching my Athletes cross the Finish Line is exhilarating!!

Coach James