Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Favorite Bike Routes

Tri 101 - Initial Group Ride

Simple ride from Katazakian Park out Lower Sacramento Rd to Woodbridge Rd and back. Appx. 7 miles.

Speedstar Ride

Most Sundays the group meets at the House of Coffee in Lodi at 11:00am for a ride affectionately known as "Speedstar". Some days we ride this at a brisk pace, other days its more really depends on who shows up and how everyone is feeling. This course is mostly flat. Appx. 20.5 miles.

Did somebody say Lockeford Sausage?

Camanche North Shore Ride

We meet at the church at North Shore. The ride always starts off with a trip to the restrooms down at the lake and then back up the hill to our actual starting point. This course is hilly. Appx. 17 miles with the restroom stop.

Del Puerto Canyon

There is no getting lost on this route. This out and back course is basically one long gradual climb through rolling hills until you get to "The Wall". This course is recommended if you want beautiful scenery and a challenge. If you ride (or walk) to the top of "The Wall" the ride is appx. 44 miles.

Pancake Ride

This is one of the longest rides the group does together and it is one of the most enjoyable (unless it is goathead season). We take the back roads through the Delta out to Korth's Pirate Lair where we have...drum roll...PANCAKES! This ride is not to be missed...just bring plenty of tubes and CO2. Appx. 53 miles.