Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coach Wrap-up

This past weekend was totally amazing. And, I have the greatest Athlete's in the world!!! Most of you went out there and pushed your limits!! Coach Emily did a great Job with the Run Clinic and I focused on building a great workout weekend for everyone. One of the things you learn about riding Bike in the Valley is "The Wind is your friend". Everyone finished yesterday with a sort of amazed look on their Faces that they actually finished the Ride. There is no Power Meter that could duplicate the workout we had yesterday on the Bike.  Even though Triathlon is an individual Sport. The Team efforts experienced this weekend build confidence in everyone.
Next Saturday is the Bike Clinic with Josh at the Tokay Pool.  Then, We will be riding with the Tri Class enrollees for the first time and we will be going to an undisclosed location for Drills and Fun. Looking forward to them seeing what our Team is all about. 
And then the following weekend will be our first Brick Workout. Can't wait to see the looks on the new athlete's faces when they try to run off the bike!!  LOL
Swimming schedule is the same this week. You can come at 5 pm if you want that has been working well with getting an early start on the Covers as everyone finishes up their workouts

Thanks Everybody I had so much fun, Coach James