Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Run

One place you will regularly find us is at Fleet Feet Stockton on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm. The Tuesday night runs are always a lot of fun, and there are quite a few benefits of running in a group.

Not only is Fleet Feet a great place to train, but they
are also a team sponsor 
Solo or Social

There is an interesting article in Runner's World titled "Perks of Running Solo or Social". The article covers why a runner would/should run on their own or in a group. Here are the highlights of running in a social group:

  • Accountability: A partner can keep you from slipping off pace or cutting a run short.
  • Positive peer pressure..."You get caught up in the pace, and you might not recognize how fast you're going."
  • Pairing up can  encourage you to branch out, to try new distances or races (ask Nancy and Leah where they heard about LMT)

Fleet Feet is the perfect social setting and you are sure to find someone running and/or walking at your pace. Another perk of running at Fleet Feet is that they have a knowledgeable staff that can get you properly fitted if you find your current running shoes to be a bit lacking or OLD. They also sell "bungee laces"...a triathletes best friend (Coach James will explain that later).

The Routes

This is just to give you an idea of the routes. Don't worry about remembering them...there is always someone to follow.

3 Mile Route

5 Mile Route (more like 4.85 but who's counting)

Hope to see you there!